Perspirex South Africa

Perspirex South Africa


Up to 5 days Protection

Perspirex Original 20ml Anti-Perspirant
Perspirex Original 20ml Anti-Perspirant

Perspirex Original delivers superior sweat reduction, clinically proven through internationally recognised test house. Ensures maximum dryness. Perspirex Original maintains a superior long-lasting protection for 3-5 days. Perspirex Original is free from perfume.

Perspirex Comfort 20ml Anti-Perspirant
Perspirex Comfort 20ml Anti-Perspirant

Perspirex Comfort is a new variant in our antiperspirant range. Perspirex Comfort is formulated to provide effective sweat and odour protection while the comfort skin care system CPX ensures an extra good skin feel. Perspirex Comfort is the perfect choice for those who suffer from occasional excessive sweating. Perspirex Comfort is free from perfume.

Perspirex Hand & Foot Lotion 100ml
Perspirex Hand & Foot Lotion 100ml

Perspirex Hand and Foot Lotion provides seriously reliable protection from sweat and odour from your hands and feet. It is considered one of the most effective solutions for problem perspiration in the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.Perspirex Lotion is free from perfume.

Perspirex offers life-changing protection against sweat and odour.
Perspirex is a range of high-performance antiperspirants engineered specifically for people with special sweat control needs and give up to 5 days of superior protection against sweat and odour with just one application.
Clinically proven to provide superior and long-lasting protection, Perspirex is able to solve any sweat problem.
All Perspirex's antiperspirants are unisex and unfragranced.

How to use Perspirex

1. Apply to dry and unbroken skin. It is very important that your skin is completely dry and unbroken before application. 2. Apply Perspirex at night before going to bed as the sweat glands are less active at night. When you start, use Perspirex every night, until you have achieved the desired effect - usually within 1 week. Allow Perspirex to dry fully after application. 3. Wash off in the morning with soap and water. Do not re-apply as the effect will last even after a shower. Should you wish to, you can also apply a regular scented deodorant or perfume. This will not affect the efficacy.

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